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Dave Macarchick's services are individualized to meet your needs and they are adapted to meet your child's developmental level. Which means, if your child has encountered an obstacle in any area of development or has behaviors which are getting in the way of a happy, fulfilled life, Dave will provide practical guidance and solutions to start moving the needle in the right direction.


If your child has an area of concern which is not on this list, don’t worry! Just contact Dave and tell him what your situation is. He has never turned down a client based on their needs. Dave is dedicated to finding solutions and will take on almost any issue which presents itself. 

Dave has over 25 years of experience with people across the Autism Spectrum, ADHD and other neurodivergent qualities.

See if any of these services sound beneficial to your child, if not contact Dave and fill him in on your situation and see if he can help.

Communication Development

Expressive language and receptive language are the keys to living a joyful and fulfilled life. If your child is having trouble communicating or understanding language,  Dave has a host of strategies and techniques that will get your child understanding, communicating and laughing in the first session. 

Sensory Challenges

Having a regulated body is key to being able to process the world, especially when it comes to learning and social relationships. If your child spends a considerable amount of time in an overstimulated state or passive, low-arousal state, Dave can provide active, full-bodied experiences that integrate the senses and work on motor planning, gross motor movement and fine motor movement. 

Social Challenges

Is your child having trouble relating to others? Dave combines understanding, empathy and humor to build a positively-charged relationship with your child and can coach your family and community on how to do the same. Dave can also coach your child to be more open to other people's worlds.

Behavioral Challenges

Behavioral challenges come in all shapes and sizes and can be the most frustrating and anxiety producing challenges of all. Impulse control, understanding limits, aggression, tantrums... Dave has not seen them all but he's tackled most of the common behavioral issues and many idiosyncratic ones. Dave will ask the right questions and uses his skills and techniques to design strategies to get your child on the right track. 

Sibling Relationship Development

Siblings can be great allies and great competitors. Dave has a natural ability to coach your children about the joys of being on the same team and coach them on how to work out the inevitable sibling competition over resources and attention. He can also help siblings understand and empathize individual differences.  

Life Skills Development

From simple hygiene to advanced chores, Dave puts the "FUN" back in functional life skill instruction. He has techniques to get your child to do things independently and places a high-value reducing prompt dependency.  

Learning Development

If traditional learning environments have been unsuccessful, Dave's approach can make education fun again. He can take your child's interests and turn them into a myriad of learning opportunities. He has taught children how to read, write, do math, type, play instruments, tell time, use technology, perform, give presentations and much more.

Medical Challenges

Does you child have trouble going to the doctor or dentist? Medical procedures can be tough on all of us. For those who have developmental and sensory challenges, they can be very scary. Dave can help your child understand what's going on and gradually desensitize them to procedures. He can also coach your doctor, dentist or other healthcare workers to individualize treatment. 

Parent, Educator, Specialist and Staff Coaching

Dave can instruct you, your family and your child's teachers, specialists and caregivers on his strategies and techniques. He'll give you practical, easy to use information about your child. He knows that the people who spend the most time with your child have the greatest impact and they are rarely going to have the specialized education and training to understand the intricate ins and outs and specialized jargon. Dave can create a comprehensive "How To Understand My Child" manual for you to share with others. And,  yes, he can make it "for Dummies."

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